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The Problem

Dr. Arjun Sriviasan, Associate Director of the US CDC, "We're in the post-antibiotic era! There are patients for whom we have no therapy..."

Our Advanced Solution

Validus Cellular Therapeutics has discovered that through special activation of mesenchymal stem cells, resistant infections become more treatable!

How Does it Work?

In clinical veterinary studies to treat animal infections, activated cells seek out resistant infections and enhance the body's natural immune system. These cells are unique in their ability to reverse the disease state.


Our Pathway...

Preparing for commercialization

To bring this revolutionary treatment to the world, we will be engaging with regulatory authorities around the world to launch  clinical studies.


Scaling activated cell production

We are working to produce activated cells that will do battle to treat infections. This is an ultra-high tech process using the latest breakthroughs in cellular biology.

Launching advanced treatments

Validus is dedicated to delivering the latest breakthrough treatment to patients as soon as possible!

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